1. To educate and train manpower for the development of self and society at large.
2. To be self reliant yet interdependent.
3. To love and respect thyself and others.
4. To establish linkages with community, industries, traders etc for the skill development.
5. To provide means for the capacity building for leadership and service through curricular and extracurricular activities and creating opportunities for community involvement and development.
6. To encourage faculty-students interaction for local and global needs and affairs.
7. To inculcate the sense of accessibility, inclusiveness, belongingness among faculty and students and motivate them for percolation/ permeation of these qualities in the society.
8. To encourage to undertake research and consultancy.
9. To create and maintain loving, caring and conducive environment.
10. To be a learner and not judger.


To be a learner ever.




Our Mission

1. To aspire and strive for excellence in education and research.
2. To develop a scientific temper and performance culture of proactive decision making.
3. To cross pollinate with new ideas, new technologies, new platforms and new world views.
4. To continue expanding and exploring , locally, nationally and globally.
5. To participate in the problems and concerns of the surrounding community and the civil society – Live and Let Live.
6. To be confident of assured growth.