Research Publication

  • Dr. Jyoti Marwah published in the proceedings ‘Rapid Urbanisation and Cultural Heritage Transposing the Conflict in the making of Amaravathi.
  • Kshitija Suhas Kapre, “Auto Traffic Smart Signal with Freen Corridor” in “International Journal of Advanced Research Science Engineering and Technology”, May 2015.
  • Kamalinee A. Deodhar, “Celastrus paniculatus; medical and pharmacological properties: A review” in “International Journal of Development Research”, 30/09/2015.
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  • Kamalinee A. Deodhar, “Celastrus paniculatus: Tradinal uses and Ethnobotical study” in “Indian Journal of Advances in Plants Research” 2015.
  • Dr. Fatima Shaikh, “Effective Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language in the Classroom”, in “International Journal of Science and Research” 2015.
  • Dr. Rachana Mahashabde, “Phytochemical constituent and invitro antioxidant studies of crude extracts of selected medicinal plants” in “Online international interdisciplinary research journal”, July-August 2015.
  • On 25th June, 2016 the college has released the KLE Kalamboli Research Publication to commemorate the KLE Centenary- “Magna Carta: A 800 Years Journey for Unfettering Chains to Free Flight. Conceived and Compiled by: Dr. Jyoti Marwah, Editor: Dr. Fatima Shaikh, Dr. Usha Karunakaran, Ms. Snehal Patil.