The KLE College of Science and Commerce Library has been established right from the inception of the college in 2013.It is well-stocked, having more than eleven thousand books. It regularly subscribes to 36 national journals, magazines and 11 daily newspapers. It caters to the needs of more than 1900 undergraduates and faculty. The library is located on the first floor with a total carpet area of about 3050 sq. ft. and is made easily accessible from all corners of the college premises.  The library is fully automated, has a spacious reading hall and can accommodate 70 users at any point of time.

Working hours:

On working days -7.30 am. To 6.00 pm.

During examination days -7.30 am. To 6.00 pm.

During vacation  -8.30 am. To 6.00 pm.

Sundays and holidays-Library remains closed

Library Collection:

  • Total no of Books                                 : 10376
  • Titles                                                       : 3336
  • Reference Books                                   : 1395
  • Textbooks                                               : 5378
  • Competition exam related Books      : 513
  • Book Bank Books                                  : 1780
  • Donated Books                                      : 1265
  • Journals/Magazines                               : 36
  • News Papers                                          : 12
  • Total No of Educational CD/DVD’s  : 82

Library Automation 

The library is automated with integrated library management software SOUL 2.0 (Software for University Libraries) of INFLIBNET. The various housekeeping activities of the library such as data entry, issue and return of books, member logins etc. are done through the software. OPAC (Online public access catalogue) service is also provided where the users can search the collection of books by title, author, publisher etc.

E-Library with Internet Facility: The library has a separate cabin exclusively devoted for a digital library. It is in housed with 15 PCs.

N-LIST  :The library is having access to e resources throughN-LIST(National library Information services and Infrastructure for scholarly content) of INFLIBNET.All e-resources subscribed for the college under the NLIST project are now accessible to the library through the NLIST website, resources include e-journals and e-books accessible to the faculty, and students. Library member has to register to get personal user id and password. The remote access is available. Access and downloading of the articles is possible directly from the publisher’s website. Various other e-Journals, e-Resources are made available to the students, staff and the faculty members of the through Digital Library. A patron can surf the internet, and view academic related content and download information of their topic or interest subject in the digital library.

Apart from this, the users from the digital library can also browse the parent library through Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

Library Services:

  • Circulation Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Reference Service
  • Library Orientation
  • New Arrivals Display
  • News Paper Clipping
  • Past Exam Papers
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Internet Service
  • Access to electronic resources (Digital library)

External Membership:The library offers read/reference only membership to external users for academic and research purposes. The external membership is provided to alumni /UG or PG students/Ph.D. scholars/ professionals /members of other institutions/ organisations on payment basis. Individuals interested in external membership shall apply for membership by filling the form available at the circulation counter in library. The membership enrollment shall be done on approval of the application form by the Principal.Access to our library and memberships are governed by rules and regulations of the library, that are revised from time to time.

Members are expected to:

  • Respect private and Institute property within library premises
  • Abide by Library’srules and terms of access.
  • Must show valid identification and library membership ID upon request
  • Use library resources for academic purpose only.




Institutional Membership:

The Library subscribes to Institutional Membership of the American centre Library (Dosti House) Mumbai, for the students and faculty members. Members can avail facilities provided by the Library. They can borrow documents from this library and can attend their different regular activities such as talk shows, cinema screenings, presentations etc. Members need to carry American centre Library Membership card from the Librarian and College Identity cards issued to them.

Library Facilities:

Internet Access Facility
Book Bank Facility
University Book Bank Facility
OPAC Search Facility
Wi-Fi Access Facility
CCTV Surveillance Facility

Library Committee:  The library committee plays an advisory role in all library matters. The committee meets twice a year and informal meeting of the members are held as and when required. The committee also meets the principal to seek his approval and guidance as far as important issues are concerned.

SN Name Designation
1. Dr. Shashikala Prajapati Chairperson
2. Dr K Satyavati Patnaik Librarian & Co-Coordinator
3. Mr. Dilip Nimbalkar Member Secretary
4. Mr. Arun Keskar Member
5. Mrs. Geeta Kuchekar Member
6. Ms. Shivangi Dubey Student Representative
7. Mst. Riteshkumar Singh Student Representative


Best Practices:

Best Reader of the Month/Year Award

Scholars Card for class Toppers.

Library Rules and Regulations:

  • Library Rules and Regulations
    • Identity card is a must for all library transactions. ID cards are non-transferable.
    • Users are requested to maintain silence in the library.
    • College dress-code is applicable while visiting library on all occasions.
    • The library reading area should be used only for reference and consultation of resource materials.
    • Users should fully cooperate with the library staff. In case of any need they should meet the Librarian.
    • The persistent defaulters of the library rules will have their library services suspended.
    • Members are requested not to bring their belongings inside the library, bags and other belonging to be kept on the shelf kept outside the library.
    • Enter your name and Sign in the register kept at the entrance counter before entering inside the library
    • Silence should be maintained. No discussion permitted inside the library.
    • Using Cellular phones and audio instruments with or without speaker or headphone is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
    • Library borrower cards are not transferable. If the membership card (Library Card) is lost, the Librarian shall be informed immediately. In genuine cases a duplicate card may be issued on payment of Rs.25/-.
    • All students are allowed to borrow only one book at a time for period of 7 days. There will be a fine of Rs. 5.00 per day after due date.
    • Books Borrowed should be protected from rain, dust and insectetc.
    • Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library resources in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he will be charged the full replacement cost of the resource.
    • If an issued book is lost / damaged, it is to be either replaced with latest edition or pay the cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian
    • Reference materials should not be taken outside the Library
    • The Library reserves the right to call back any issued book/item at any time.

    Contact Details:


    Phone:  022 27423300