The Student mentoring system is introduced in the College. All the Teachers are involved in the process of mentoring. Every mentor is allotted with about 60 to 70 students to take care of them depending upon the programme and division. Every mentor prepares a list of all the students allotted to him / her with details of Name, Class, Division, Roll Number, Contact Number and E Mail Id. The mentor has a chalked-out responsibilities to take care of all the mentees such as to provide them career counseling, to provide them personal counseling, to support them for any kind of difficulty in their curriculum, to make provision of remedial coaching for them and to always support them as and when required.

          The mentor also works for finding out hidden talent of the students in various aspects of academic, co – curricular, extra – curricular and extra mural activities so that they can be promoted to do various activities in the concerned area for their holistic development. The mentor also contacts and meets the parents of his / her mentees to discuss their progress and / or any other matter, as and when required.

Students enrolled Full-time Teachers Mentor:Mentee Ratio