Anti Ragging




Disciplining and strengthening of the minds of students to apply knowledge gained for sustainable growth and development of themselves and society.

Discipline Committee Members

  • Ms.Sindhu Singh
  • Mr.Vivek Jadhav
  • Mr.Piyush Sadvarte
  • Ms.Sunitha Menon
  • Mr.Rajiv Khombare
  • Ms Swati Yeole
  • Ms.Linta
  • Mr.Yogendra Dalvi
  • Mr.Eknath Pokharkar
  • Mr.Yogesh Rane

Our Objectives

• To maintain discipline in and around college area to facilitate nuisance free learning for faculties as well as students
• To create sense of oneness by assuring that students are following perfect uniform code meant for them.
• To create punctuality and timeliness in the minds of students.
• To integrate efforts of all faculties to make our students responsible citizens.

Activities of Committee

• Scheduled gate duties and round up duties involving all faculties to maintain discipline.
• Surprise visits by members of disciplinary committee to classes to check whether code of discipline being followed or not.
• Banned use of mobile in the college.
• Maintained discipline in successful conducting Annual Sport Event, Annual Gathering, Different Days as well as Events.
• Motivating and encouraging students to follow rules of disciplinary committee by continuous communication with them as well as with faculties.
• Preventing quarrels among students by timely interference.
• Issued guidelines on handling absenteeism and use of mobile in special cases.
• Cleanliness is maintained by counseling students through faculties.
• Restricted entry to outsiders by having constant vigilance with the help of security people at the gate.
• Reported cases of indiscipline to parents and had meeting with them to sort out the issues of indiscipline.

Future Plans

• 100% positive involvement of all faculties in maintaining discipline.
• To award “The Most Disciplined Class” in college.
• To award “Best Disciplined Student” in Science as well as Commerce stream.
• To consider the viewpoints of students on issues concerning discipline and arrive at Best solutions.
• To have Active participation of CR’s as well as students for maintaining discipline in and around college premises.

Highlights of Last Year

• Discipline Committee has conducted meeting in first half of the academic year and formed strict rules to maintain discipline in college.
• Identity card is compulsory for students in the college campus. Junior college students were not allowed to carry mobile phones and degree college students were not allowed to use mobile phones in college campus.
• Discipline Committee has taken efforts to maintain discipline during sports day, prize distribution ceremony of various events, cultural activities, Dandiya, and freshers party.