KLE Group of Institutions

Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE) Society emphasizes on the sound mind and healthy body for spiritual enlightenment and social transformation.
The “Saptarshis” (Seven Saints) – namely M. R. Sakhare, S. S. Basavanal, B. S. Hanchinal, H. F. Kattimani, B. B. Mamadapur, P. R. Chikodi and V. V. Patil – determined to serve and sacrifice their lives for the upliftment of the community through education which is one of the essential constituent of life. Thus sown the seed on 13 November, 1916 in the form of anglo vernacular school. The society is growing unstoppably thereafter from strength to strength. At present 243 educational institutions, in the diverse faculties like Arts, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, Dental, Pharmacy, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Ayurved, Management, Information Technology & Computer Science are catering the services from K.G. to P.G. including research. All institutions spread from unknown rural area to well known cities are par excellence in infrastructure with high quality education which are accepted with wide acclaim by the members of society and approved by NAAC /Universities / NBA etc.
The KLE society’s KLE University established on 13 April, 2006 with well known Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Institute of Dental Science, Belgaum as constituent colleges is another feather in the cap. A pride of the society’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Belgaum with 2420 beds catering the services to the poor, needy and down trodden has been identified as one of the best hospitals in South India. A vibrant 98 years old KLE Society has been led by charismatic Chairman Dr. Prabhakar Kore who is strongly supported by members of board of management. Over 1,00,000 students guided, supported and attended by over 10500 employees – are members of KLE Parivar- conjoined through 243 institutions. Due to his outstanding contribution, over three decades in the field of education, Dr. Prabhakar Kore – M. P. and Chairman of the society, has been conferred with doctorate degree by the Karnatak University, Dharward and Rani Channamma University, Belgaum. The Government of Karnatak, has honored him with “Karnatak Rajyotsav Prashasti” as well. The KLE Society is never complacent with its present achievements.

kle-logoThe ‘Sacred Bull’ is symbolic of ‘service’.
The ‘Hexagon of Veerashaiva Dharma’ with its secular outlook in service of the people. The ‘Ishtalinga’in a palm and the Halo around it is suggestive of knowledge to remove ignorance of the people in fulfilment of the Veerashaiva philosophy.
The ‘Hexagon of Veerashaiva Dharma’ with its secular outlook in service of the people. The ‘Ishtalinga’in a palm and the Halo around it is suggestive of knowledge to remove ignorance of the people in fulfilment of the Veerashaiva philosophy.
The K.L.E. Society is committed for the excellent educational service through the union of Truth, Love, Service and Sacrifice.

History of KLE College

The foundation of Karnatak Lingayat Education Society (KLE) was first laid in 1916 at Belgavi by seven young teachers (Saptarishis) who had a vision to spread the light of education. Headquartered at Belgavi, this vibrant 104-year-old society is led by our multifaceted, dynamic and charismatic Chairman, Dr Prabhakar Kore strongly supported by the Board of Management. Dr. Prabhakar Kore has diverse interests and commitments in various domains that include education, health care, cooperative sector, politics and community building and has left an indelible mark on the State, National and International scenario through this relentless effort, commitment and contribution to transforming lives through health care and education. Today the society runs more than 260 Institutions and University that includes diverse faculties ranging from Academics-Arts, Science, Comm., Medicine, Engineering, Dental, Pharmacy, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Ayurveda, Research, Management, Information Technology, Computer Science and several other horizons for developing a sound mind and a healthy body through spiritual enlightenment and social transformation.

KLE College of Science & Commerce, Kalamboli is one of the proud branches of KLE Society. The College located at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai is affiliated to the University of Mumbai since the time of its inception in 2013. It began with 2 girl students who took admission in the first year of B Com for the academic year 2013-14. After having received the order from Government of Maharashtra dated 1.7.2014 to admit both boys and girls by making the college coeducational, 548 students sought admission for the year 2014 (B.Sc., B. Com.)- with the commencement of Junior College in Science and Commerce streams (26-02-2014). The student’s strength jumped from 980 for the year 2015-16, 1275 during academic year, 2016-17, 1393 during academic year 2017-18, 1712 during academic year 2018-19 and 1897 during academic year 2019-20. Junior college got recognition for IT subject and also index number “J 17.01.40 “from H S C Board, Mumbai Division.


KLE College, Kalamboli has been emerging into a strong educational institution It is committed to provide excellent educational assistance through the union of Truth Love, Service and Sacrifice which are the ideals of the KLE society. ‘TO BE A LEARNER FOREVER’ is the vision of KLE College, Kalamboli.

The College believes in growth and the sky is the limit. The College received a favourable nod from the Government of Maharashtra (09-09-2016 and affiliation (21-09-2016) from University of Mumbai for starting BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI and BSc- (IT), thus making available a variety of options for horizontal growth. Permission was also granted for starting second division of B. Com, one each division of BMS, BAF, BMM, BBI and B.Sc.- IT.

Introduction of M.Sc. (Analytical and Organic Chemistry), M. Com (Business Management and Accountancy) is expected on receiving permission from the University of Mumbai.


Outstanding performance was witnessed in Academics. The results of the first batch of T.Y.B. Com and HSC exams conducted by the University of Mumbai and Maharashtra State Board, Higher Secondary Education stood at 100 % and 99.34% respectively. Ms. Priyanka Vishwakarma who was the first student to get admitted in the year 2013-14, stood first for all three consecutive years’ examination in addition to securing First Rank by achieving 100 % marks in Accountancy Paper III at the University of Mumbai. The success saga continues  and is expected to soar higher with the unstinted support of the Board of Management of KLE Society and dedicated team of Faculty.

Healthy and Best Practices


Mentoring wherein a teacher (Mentor) has been randomly allotted 30 students. Mentor keeps record of family as well as mentee’s past and present academic and attendance record, participation in activities, meets once a month, records the observations, suggestions, appreciations etc.   and gets the signature of mentee. The record is brought to the notice of parents during PTM conducted. There is marked improvement in attendance, academic performance and overall conduct of mentee.

Golden student

Golden student of the month certificate is awarded to every student having 100% attendance. It motivates others. Students having 100% attendance in all months shall be declared Diamond student of the year and awarded certificate and prize.

G K Test

Compulsory GK test is conducted after every test or examination to inculcate and infuse interest of enquiry among students and prepare themselves for competitive examinations like MPSC, UPSC, and IBPS etc. Teachers and hired professionals groom and nurture students for competitive examinations.

KLE Scholarship

Students who pass an examination with 90% or more marks and admitted in the college are awarded the KLE Scholarship every year. Economically weaker but academically stronger are awarded free ship to the students. Book bank scheme facility helps the poor students to have access to books and prevents from deprive of any facility.

Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)

it’s the second level exam in Chartered Accountancy course related to CA in India. IPCC coaching classes have been initiated from Academic year, 2017-18. 3 students who have cleared their CPT Exams from our institution has been enrolled for the same.


The habit of reading and to pursue research is inculcated in the young mind by motivating them to participate in Seminars, Presentations and awarded prizes too.


Faculty made aware of the avenues of courses, prizes, scholarships, employments available to students after graduation. Encourage to undertake training before final year examination to be ready before others are even aware.


“Do it differently” is being taught in the college. Uniform with blazer at UG level brings confidence in the learner. It is rare in the traditional colleges.   A College uniform reinforces in students a sense of pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the College community and assists in developing pride in representing their College. Issues of equality, health and safety and expense are also factoring that contribute to the establishment of the uniform..

Teachers are taking keen interest to nurture the students from the competitive examination point of view. Regular coaching, training, tests are conducted for competitive examinations like Banks, Railways, Service Commissions, CA examinations etc.

Education is a complex task which is an amalgamation of knowledge coupled with a complement of several competencies to chisel the personality of an educated and accomplished individual which is inevitably unavoidable for achieving success in professional and career pursuits. Developing these competencies during the process of ‘Education’ therefore becomes the essence of ‘Learning’ which in turn prepares the ‘Work Readiness Credential’ among our young adults and builds within them the requisite potential for achieving success. This taxonomy of skills coupled with knowledge, all through the process of ‘Education’ brings a gradual and smooth transition from low level skills of reading, remembering, understanding to high level skills of analyzing, evaluating and creating. A ‘sound mind and healthy body for spiritual enlightenment and social transformation’ is the focus of KLE group of institutions. KLE Kalamboli aims to build the above-mentioned competencies in its students with a noteworthy focus on traditional ethos, as manifest in present day aspirations and attitudes of the younger generation.